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Our Mission

Riverport is highly focused on meeting the needs of customers in targeted niches.  Our intimate knowledge of the exposures and concerns faced by customers is used to design customized end-to-end solutions aimed at exceeding customer expectations.  Experienced claims and underwriting teams are focused by customer niche, thereby assuring agents and customers that they will receive knowledgeable, prompt, consistent, and professional service.  Riverport promotes the idea that its future success depends on its customers' future success, regardless of the current conditions in the insurance marketplace.

Company Description

Riverport is a broadly licensed, admitted property and casualty insurance company that is a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation, an insurance holding company that is among the largest commercial lines writers in the United States.  Riverport's insurance expertise includes these areas:

HUMAN SERVICES ORGANIZATIONS Riverport offers property and casualty coverages designed for the unique operational aspects of social service organizations. Riverport's Human Services Program dates back to 1989 and has been continuously improved through the years. Riverport insures both nonprofit and for-profit social service organizations, such as child day care, sheltered workshops, group homes, senior citizen centers, senior independent living, schools, counseling services, YMCAs, YWCAs, and Boys & Girls Clubs.

SPORTS & RECREATION, SPECIAL EVENTS & OTHER SPECIAL CASUALTY SOLUTIONS Riverport provides admitted and non-admitted insurance solutions for sports leagues, clubs, tournaments, special events, and a variety of similar risks on a program, risk purchasing group, or individual risk basis.  

ASSOCIATIONS, PROGRAMS AND RISK PURCHASING GROUPS  Riverport provides superior solutions on insurance programs for tougher premises liability based exposures. We have the ability to get up and running quickly on new programs. We focus on programs that are consistent with our expertise in Human Services, Sports & Recreation, and Special Events.  We deliver complete solutions, including the ability to incorporate Accident Insurance into our programs (partnering with Berkley Accident & Health). We are admitted in 51 jurisdictions and also have access to non-admitted paper.

How Riverport Is Different

Riverport's customer focus, commitment, consistency, experience, specialized knowledge, capacity, and core corporate values distinguish it as a partner of choice to the customers in our targeted industries and the agents who serve them. Various service affiliates of Riverport that are also member companies of W. R. Berkley Corporation often provide additional professional, administrative and technical expertise to Riverport and its customers.

Franchise Value:  Unlike many of our competitors, Riverport has very few agency appointments across the country.  Riverport is focused on partnering with agents and program administrators who are truly dedicated to the niches we serve.   We seek agents who know our target classes well, share our passion for serving those who serve others, and who operate with the highest degree of professionalism.

Riverport has an easy to use web based portal that makes it easy for agents to find coverage solutions for their clientele.  We have web based solutions for Home Day Care, Special Events, Youth Sports and a variety of other classes.  We also have the ability to take feeds from program administrators.

 About W. R. Berkley Corporation

W. R. Berkley Corporation, founded in 1967, is one of the nation's premier commercial lines property casualty insurance providers.  Each of the operating units in the Berkley group participates in a niche market requiring specialized knowledge about a territory or product. Our competitive advantage lies in our long-term strategy of decentralized operations, allowing each of our units to identify and respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and local customer needs. This decentralized structure provides financial accountability and incentives to local management and enables us to attract and retain the highest caliber professionals. We have the expertise and resources to utilize our strengths in the present environment, and the flexibility to anticipate, innovate and respond to whatever opportunities and challenges the future may hold.



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